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Logbook of the crew 2018







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 ~ Last week: preparation for wintering and handover  ~

The expedition is over, but the crew still has one mission left employment for the next team in 2019 ! We really want Fred, Quit and Julie to find the boat clean and comfortable when they arrive... there's work to be done. First, you have to clean the bottoms of the holds... and that's no small feat. Christophe, Rachel, Jean-Luc and Marthe are returning to the Toulouse region, and Alex and Marine are coming to lend us a hand. Cleaning the holds takes us several days. We also take care of desalting the sails, then once dried, they are folded and stored in the boat to spend the winter in the dry.



Cleaning of the gray water circuit is a real torture. The sewage pumps had been clogged with seeds and other food debris, and the water had been standing for who knows when. Finally ! We scrub the pumps and pipes, we spray the Lab with Pure Essentiel, and we feel that the atmosphere is suddenly healthier.


We retrieve all the data collected on cetaceans : behavior sheets, photos, and audio recordings. Everything is recorded on an external hard drive and sent to Aquasearch, in Martinique for an analysis which will be carried out by the design office. We can't wait to see the results of the analyzes to find out if there is a relationship between the behavior of cetaceans and the presence of plastic pollution ! We are also starting to prepare for the return conference, which will take place in October at the Aquarium de Paris. We take several videos, and we work on a new medium for the conference, it takes us all day. (At the bottom of the page, the return shipment video!)


The bulk is done, it now remains to store and label all the DIY, seamanship, safety and navigation equipment, scientific equipment, zero waste cleaning products, and all food that can be stored. . Once all the cupboards and chests have been emptied and reorganized, Le Lab has never been so tidy ! We decide to make a plan of the boat so that the following ones can easily find what they need.

Today, we're taking care of the bridge : we're scrubbing and washing the Labo bridge with plenty of water, which is getting its health back ! Marine and Marie take care of the sealing of the portholes and remember the crossing of the Bay of Biscay with the waves that invited themselves into the berths of the foredeck... During this time, Sarah and Alex take a lot of photos of the engine and write a user manual for the next team. It must be said that we are the only ones to recognize its little whims, its famous V-drive, and its incongruous hoses ! We still hope that the 2019 crew won't have to use this manual too much...



Last day on board. We could have stayed a week, or even two more weeks, pampering the Lab, and working together. In fact, we might as well have gone on for another year. But reality is catching up with us : there is less than a week left before the start of the school year for our last year at AgroParisTech for Marine, Sarah and Lucie, and at the University for Marie. We pack our bags backwards, each trinket finds a place in a suitcase : we remove our borrowings to leave our place to the next ones. Once the suitcases are ready, we come back in the boat one last time : the forepeak impregnated with the smell of tiger balm, the wacky postcards in the toilets, the smell of cheese Corsican in the cooler, the coffee stain on the saloon cushion, the tangled cables on the chart table, the smell of diesel in the aft cabins, the burn mark on the saloon table... Like us, the Labo will keep the traces of our adventure for a long time to come  !

Schéma d'une coupe transversale d'un voilier
Table à carte dans un voilier
Salon et banquettes dans un voilier
Cuisine dans un bateau en bois
Coin cuisine d'un voilier en bois
Rangement dans un bateau
Intérieur d'un voilier ketch
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