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Logbook of the crew 2019

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The 2019 SEA Plastics Expedition set sail on March 23. Quiterie, Frédéric and Julie are accompanied and helped by their captain Perrine to carry out their awareness and science programs during their 4 months at sea. 
Quiterie is already sailed, having participated in many weeks of family sailing. Frédéric and Julie are not great sailors, and SEA Plastics will be their first real sailing experience. The challenge is to succeed in reaching each stage, on time... without losing a team member along the way! Perrine knows how to arm herself with patience to discipline all this little world. She transmits to everyone her knowledge of sailing and the sea, an essential rigor and the love of the spinnaker. 

This logbook traces the various adventures and discoveries of the crew. Embark with us on a tour of the Mediterranean on the assault of micro-plastic, we are full of energy to transmit our values through awareness.

L'équipe 2019 SEA Plastics à bord de leur voilier océangraphique à Etel

The 2019 team on board the Labo at Etel in February 2018


SEA Plastics Expedition 2019

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