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The SEA Plastics crew

Clara, Laurine, Alice, Anne-Laure and Numa are five engineering students in two major schools: AgroParisTech and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). Our multidisciplinary profiles complement each other and provide knowledge in various fields: environment, health, biology... All sensitive to the marine environment, we have decided to combine our motivation, our fascination for the aquatic world and our academic background to commit to protecting the oceans.



It is on the side of the Breton tip that Clara is used to tasting the pleasures and riches of the ocean. But each walk on a beach and the systematic sight of plastic packaging quickly make him aware of the danger that plastic represents for the marine environment. 

She discovered the SEA Plastics association during a project on microplastics in the preparatory class. Today in engineering school at AgroParisTech, she is interested in the health of ecosystems and humans. 

It is more than motivated and with a smile that she joins the crew for the 2022 expedition: a scientific, sporting, environmental and outdoor adventure... everything she dreams of!

A passion ? Running on your favorite beach at sunrise

Her challenge for shipping : No plastic in cosmetics!

Laurine is a student at EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) in Switzerland. She discovered the marine world by practicing sailing and has always been fascinated by its complexity.

Today in life science engineering studies, she seeks to link her sporting enthusiasm to her scientific curiosity. At the end of the expedition, she will devote her master's project to the analysis of samples collected at sea.

This student adventure, at the crossroads of the general public and researchers in the field, seems to her an incredible opportunity to make progress for the protection and understanding of this environment that she finds so beautiful.

A passion ? Sail under the stars
His challenge for the expedition: Limit plastic in the kitchen as much as possible




Passionate about adventure since childhood, Alice discovered cruising sailing with the Glénans sailing school and fell in love with this discipline, combining sport and adventures in the great outdoors. She loves anchoring in small deserted coves with nights lulled by the sound of the halyard on the mast.
Studying environmental sciences at AgroParisTech, she was initially more sensitive to the climate issue than to pollution. It was while watching the documentary Arte Océan, the plastic mystery that she became aware of the real issue of plastic pollution in the oceans.
The SEA Plastics project therefore directly caught his attention, wishing to take advantage of his break to commit even more to the protection of this fragile ecosystem.

A passion ? Watch a sunset over the sea
His challenge for shipping: Buying as many dry products as possible in bulk

Passionate about biology and nature since childhood, the protection of biodiversity is a particularly important issue for Anne-Laure . She discovered ecotoxicology during a field internship in Chartreuse: it was already a question of going on an adventure, in weaders and camouflage trellis in the rivers, in search of a funny bird indicator of the mercury pollution (the dipper). But it is this time to plastic pollution that she has decided to devote her caesura!

A sailing lover since childhood and in search of adventure, SEA Plastics is the opportunity  for her to get involved in a cause close to her heart. Creative, curious and eager to meet people, she will do her best to excite and popularize science for young and old alike.

A passion ? Painting the sea with watercolors

His challenge for the expedition: Wear the least amount of synthetic clothing (responsible for 35% of primary microplastic pollution!)



Secrétaire adjoint

Fished during expeditions to strengthen the team, Numa has been soaking up the foam of the Mediterranean since he was little. It was in the bays of Marseille and Sainte-Maxime that he learned to sail, in a catamaran and in windsurfing. 

The plastic pollution of the Mediterranean jumped out at him during a stay in Greece with friends. From the boat, blue lagoon water into which you jump with your eyes closed; from the diving mask, a seabed lined with plastic bottles on which we cannot close our eyes.

Student in agronomy at AgroParisTech, the SEA Plastics adventure is an opportunity for him to get involved in environmental sciences. They are a major challenge for better understanding current and future ecological changes. 

A passion ? Swimming in salt water

His challenge for the expedition: Catching skipjack without microplastics
​ See you on the water!

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