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Logbook of the crew 2017

It works hard president!

It's been a week since we arrived on site to take care of the boat. We owe you   a little report.

Our boat, "Le Labo", this famous two 14m masts needed some work:

  •   Do all the plumbing

  •   Make all the electricity

  •  Install gas

  •   Reassemble the engine and put it back in the boat

  •   Prepare all the fittings in order to be able to navigate!

  •   Create facilities: Cabins etc.

In this first week, we recovered the keys to the boat as well as all the spare parts.
A 3.5t van filled with sails, fittings, an engine, finally everything you need for a 14.50m habitable boat.
We avoid showing you the boat because today all this mess is on deck...

After sorting, we managed to do all the plumbing.
Install a network of fresh water, gray and black water tanks, pumps for "running" water, a small shower, marine toilets.

We had to  dismantle the floor of the boat, cut pipes, connect them, juggle between new equipment and equipment to be recycled. We had to pierce the hull!!! Thrice!!! Paradoxical isn't it?

Anyway, we weren't overheated...

Carrénage du voilier avant le départ de l'expédition
Intérieur d'un voilier en bois

This week we started the electricity:

  • to have the light

  • run the pumps

  • operate the Research computers

  • operate radio, radar and GPS (mandatory)

We must go up to the top of the mast to install the wind vane, the anemometer and the radio antenna. To be continued...
The mast is higher than the "black" course of the last Acro-branch you did, yes...

We also bought a wind turbine and a solar panel, they should meet all our electricity needs. We wired the whole boat and now we have to pay for and install the batteries, the autopilot, the navigation instruments, etc.

With our experience in plumbing and our knowledge of the boat which is becoming more refined, it seems that we are picking up the pace.

Some dark points of this first week: the price of work is getting heavier .
Because of Navigation standards that force us to buy new and very expensive things.
To an astonishing electrical assembly from the previous owner and to be avoided. To an autopilot who obviously no longer wishes to take part in the adventure and to navigation equipment adapted for coastal motor boats while preparing an offshore sailing boat...

But we hang on, we grit our teeth, we tuck our heads into our duvets at night because it's freezing and we dream of a stove to cook pasta.

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