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Commit to the protection of the oceans

Our crowdfunding campaign for the 2022 expedition is launched!

Pour soutenir notre projet, c'est juste ici :

Pourquoi nous soutenir ?

Why support us?

Are you passionate about the sea , its eddies, its spray, its depths? Are you a sailing enthusiast or simply sensitive to your environment ? Do you want to contribute to scientific research ? Do you think marine plastic pollution should be better known? Or do you simply want to help advance our project because you think it's a great initiative ?

Don't hesitate any longer!  Supporting SEA Plastics means participating in a project that combines sporting challenge, protection of marine ecosystems and excellence in French research!

Your donations allow us to build the expeditions, to buy the scientific equipment we need for our protocols, to pay a skipper who trains and guides us throughout the expedition, to finance our life on board , to allow us to stop at ports to refuel water and energy, build awareness materials and organize our awareness events .

Reminder: Your donations are 66% tax -exempt thanks to the AgroParisTech Foundation for individuals (for a donation of €100, you benefit from a tax reduction of €66). All information concerning tax exemption is presented on the crowdfunding page.

Où vont vos dons ?

Vos dons nous sont nécessaires pour compléter notre budget, qui se répartit comme suit :  










Vie à bord




Le mot de la fin

Sea Plastics 2024 vous remercie pour votre aide et votre confiance qui dure déjà depuis 8 années, date de la première expédition SeaPlastics. Soutenir notre projet, c'est s'engager pour la protection de nos océans. Nous comptons sur vous ! 

Un grand merci de l'équipe SEA Plastics 2024 !

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