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Audience award

Young people, and especially students, show a strong capacity for commitment. Created in conjunction with the human resources department, the Student Solidarity Prize rewards innovative projects initiated by higher education student associations in connection with the major areas of action of the Veolia Foundation.

Sea Plastics remportant le prix du public de l'appel à projet de la Fondation Veolia

It is always a great emotion to receive the public prize, especially for our association which carries out a lot of awareness raising with the general public. We are happy to receive these 5,000 euros which allow the 2020 expedition to be able to plan on the rental of a boat.

fondation veolia.png

This first successful call for projects was a real trigger for the 2020 team! The future expedition finally becomes something tangible! This was an opportunity to multiply the swarming of new ideas, the renewal of partnerships, the search for funding. In short, it's a busy program ahead but the motivation is tripled.

These 3500 euros will be used for the purchase of more efficient scientific equipment

First call for projects made by the 2020 team! Cosme pitched in front of the EY jury at the Tour first. In order to encourage associative life in schools, the consulting and auditing company EY organizes this competition every year, which recognizes bold and creative projects.

SEA Plastics was lucky enough to be selected for the grand finale, representing the best project from an engineering school.

Grand final of the EY Prize for the best associative project

2019 & 2020

Sea Plastics à la grande finale du prix EY (PEYMPA) du meilleur projet associatif 2019
Sea Plastics lauréats du prix PEYMPA de EY lors de la grande finale du meilleur projet associatif en 2019
logo EY

Raising awareness initiative SEA Plastics Expedition 2019

Beyond Plastic Med is an initiative that has existed since 2015 with the objective of reducing plastic pollution in the Mediterranean Sea. La Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco, la Fondation Tara Expéditions, Surfrider Foundation Europe et la_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Mava Foundation have joined forces to bring the initiative to life Beyond Plastic Med_cc781905-5cde-3193-6bb5d_badMedcf).

BeMed's missions:

  • Supporting and networking actors committed against plastic pollution in the Mediterranean

  • Implement effective and sustainable solutions and  promote research  new alternatives

  • Mobilize stakeholders  and the general public through knowledge and sharing of best practices​

Sea Plastics lauréats de l'appel à projet BeMed organisé par la Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco en 2019
Sea Plastics rencontrent le prince Albert II de Monaco lors de la Monaco Ocean Week en 2019

It is a wonderful opportunity for us to be the winners for this 2019 edition of Beyond Plastic Med's call for micro-initiatives. This is an ideal opportunity to meet actors committed against plastic pollution all around the Mediterranean which also allows us to give an international dimension  to our project. We also looked with the other winners for possible solutions to fight against this plastic pollution and this at different scales and different speeds depending on the country.

The 5,000 euros we won will be used for publishing, we hope, a children's book and for financing a documentary film.

Sea Plastics présents à la Monaco Ocean Week en 2019

Our first call for projects this year really rewards us for our work. We are honored to have touched the jury of Natixis and its employees and that large companies are so affected by environmental issues. 

Thanks to these 1500 euros, the navigation conditions will be able to be much improved and this will help us in the acquisition of our scientific equipment. 

Sea Plastics remporte le prix "Coup de coeur" de l'appel à projet C.A.M.P.U.S. Awards mené par Natixis

The CAMPUS Awards call for projects led by Natixis and its collaborators rewarded SEA Plastics for the SEA Plastics 2019 project with the "Coup de Coeur" prize. 

Jury's favorite award

Environment Prize

"La Riposte" is a competition rewarding socially innovative associative projects, carried by Animafac . Animafac is a network that has been committed for more than 20 years to supporting student initiatives, promoting civic engagement and allowing many committed young people to meet.

After a selection from more than 800 projects submitted, 4 of them were nominated to win the following prizes: the Social Innovation Prize, the Public Prize, the Jury's Favorite Prize and – new for 2018! – the Environment Prize.

La riposte

We are super happy, and very moved to have won the Environment Prize of the La Riposte competition! It's a competition that was close to our hearts because, in addition to the financial reward, Animafac offered us a full weekend of training in the management of associations, as well as tailor-made support for 6 months. This is a huge chance for Sea Plastics!

The 3,000 euros that we won were perfect, in the midst of last-minute work a few days before departure!

Thanks to Animafac, we now have a page on Lilo, the search engine which makes it possible to finance future projects thanks to its internet searches. Do not hesitate to give us your drops of water collected via this link !

For this 6th edition, CGI has put a total of 25,000 euros into play, divided into 10 different prizes, such as the "Education and Training Category", "Internet users' vote" or "Jury's favorite" prizes.

It is a great honor for us to have won the Jury's Coup de Coeur prize in the Challenge Citoyen competition! For us, it's not just any prize, it means how promising Sea Plastics seemed to them because it touches on current issues, towards which citizens are leaning today.

All of this would surely not have been possible without the help of our great coach, Stéphane! Thanks to these 1500 euros, the sailing conditions will be able to be much improved.

Sea Plastics remporte le pric Coup de Coeur du Jury au Challenge Citoyen recompensant les intiatives sociales et environnementales proposé par la CGI

The Citizen Challenge is a competition rewarding great initiatives on social and environmental themes, focused on digital. It is offered by CGI , a digital consulting and services company. "We want to support and accompany students who share the same ambition as us: a responsible and united society."

Jury's favorite award


The Citizenship Trophies aim to encourage the individual and collective civic engagement of each member of AgroParisTech. This competition is offered by the AgroParisTech Foundation , which aims to act for a sustainable world by mobilizing in the fields of life sciences, the environment and health.

Sea Plastics laureáts de la Fondation AgroParisTech

Being supported by the AgroParisTech Foundation is a huge opportunity for us! We are happy to have the support of our own school in the realization of this project, and this for 2 years already. Indeed, if Sea Plastics was born, it is mainly following what the boys were able to learn precisely on the benches of AgroParisTech. Without forgetting that they also allow us to exempt donations made to the association from tax, a real boost for our crowdfunding.

The 3500 euros that we won will help us enormously to finance the supports that we will use during the conferences: the informative posters, the kakemono, the photos...

Citizenship Trophy


Simon and Aymeric: We are very happy that the AgroParisTech Foundation is supporting us to this extent in this project! This is our very first support in the launch of this adventure, and it makes us redouble our motivation! The fact that Sea Plastics won the citizenship trophy gives our project great credibility, both inside and outside the school.

These 3500 euros will help to buy the association's sailboat: our biggest expense of the year!

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