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Logbook of the crew 2019

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Lab Cleaning

Since 2017, the SEA Plastics association has owned a boat; Le Labo, 15m wooden emperor ketch. For two years, this old ship carried SEA Plastics' expeditions safely, despite its few faults and technical problems. and Flo', their skipper. It has two bunks at the rear, on either side of the engine, a central cabin for the captain and a double cabin at the front: enough to accommodate the whole team!

After its long journey from April to August 2018, the Labo was docked at the marina of Port Saint Louis du Rhône for six months, while the 2019 crew settled there.

We therefore arrived on board at the beginning of March to dust off the boat, organize the various cupboards and store our belongings in this old gentleman who will be our home for five months. The walls and bottoms of cupboards had suffered from humidity and mold adorned certain surfaces and fabrics. By dint of machines and friction with mixtures of essential oils, Marseille soap, black soap and white vinegar, we have come to the end of these unwanted fungi. 136bad5cf58d_

Thanks to the plan left by Sarah, Marie, Marine and Lucie, we were able to get our hands on the various objects present in the boat and organize them as we pleased. The boat is full of surprises: novels, atlases, stuffed animals and... arranged rum are lined up on the shelves. We add to this our own business. Added to this are our reading projects, including Culture for Dummies , which will be our allies when the batteries run out.

Everyone then took their apartments: Perrine put her bags in the captain's cabin, Quiterie and Julie lodged at the front, separated by a plank of wood so as not to get in the way, Frédéric had to fall back to the only place where his big body could fit in: one of the rear seats.

Pont voilier Oceanis 40
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Quiterie Chaperon

Perrine Saulenc

Frederic Ronteix

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