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Logbook of the crew 2019

baleine bleue.png


The Lab being now bare and dry, it will no longer be able to take us across the seas, planted on its four pillars. She will now be enthroned at Navy Service in Port Saint Louis du Rhône for a year, while all the SEA Plastics crews make a decision about her future. As the expedition was ambitious, we could not take the oars to reach our objectives. Also, two full days were devoted to the active search for a viable solution. ABC Marine helped us a lot by renting us a boat, a little smaller than Le Labo but more modern. The Océanis 40 was perfectly suited to accommodating our crew and scientific equipment. In addition, Frédéric, from the height of his 1m90, was finally able to stand up in the boat, which was therefore quickly adopted.

So we moved in and everyone got their bearings. Perrine was naturally assigned the captain's cabin aft starboard. Frédéric was able to accommodate his large body in the front where he has his own toilet. Quiterie and Julie have decided to continue the shared accommodation by occupying the starboard aft cabin.


The 2019 team is adorned with its most beautiful marinières for its departure party. The whole team was present, Frédéric, Julie, Quiterie and Perrine. A family event rich in encounters thanks to the sailors  who came, intrigued by this flocked boat present for 7 months in Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône. It was a beautiful evening that gave us courage to hoist the sails during our first stop: Monaco!

On March 23 the expedition set off! While the Mistral had been ardently active for two weeks, this Saturday… no more winds expected. However, on leaving the canal, luck returned and we quickly hoisted the mainsail (the “gévé”) and took out the spinnaker. The new terms flew in all directions and Frédéric and Julie, novices in the field, took time to make their mark.

“Why use such complicated terms when you could use everyday vocabulary?”

Quiterie, having already several hours of sailing behind her, didn't have too much difficulty   in securing herself and supporting Perrine in the manoeuvres. Little by little, we were able to relieve Perrine by taking the watch, then the helm despite the wind. These three days of navigation were done with magnificent weather and we arrived safely in Monaco.


Affiche pour la soirée de lancement de l'expédiion SEA Plastics 2019 au Port Saint Louis du Rhône
Pot de départ de l'expédition SEA Plastics 2019
Navigation à la voile avec le spi
Voilier avec mer calme


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