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Logbook of the crew 2019

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We participated in the “Beyond Plastic Mediterranean” (BeMed) call for projects in autumn and the SEA Plastics 2019 project was selected among many European and international projects North Africa. Indeed, this call for projects was open to all initiatives centered on plastic in the countries around the Mediterranean. The meeting between the various winners of 2019 and past years took place during Monaco Ocean Week.  We managed to come by boat and the whole team_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ can participate in the various events. The crew was then able to spend a week in Monaco at Port Hercule.


The BeMed event took place over two days: a meeting and presentation of projects between the candidates on the first day, then the morning of the second day of the work tables on the fight against pollution plastic and a presentation of the projects to HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco. We were able to meet projects from Cyprus, Turkey, Montenegro, Tunisia, Morocco, Spain, Italy, Greece, Albania, … all more interesting and exciting than each other. Everyone was really committed and motivated for the protection of the oceans and the fight against plastic in their country. It was interesting to discuss the differences in progress in the fight against plastic pollution in different countries and to see what solutions have been put in place at different scales. It was also an opportunity to work on our English…

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monaco ocean week

In addition to these various projects, the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), the Surfrider Foundation Europe and the Tara Foundation were there. We also met Lucile Marsal, event organizer and BeMed project manager, and Philippe Mondielli, scientific director of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. It was also an opportunity to see Robert Calcagno again, the director of the oceanographic institute of Monaco and the house of the oceans in Paris. Lots of beautiful people and lots of great opportunities for the association!


During the presentation made to SAS Albert II of Monaco, Quiterie offered him to come and visit our boat… which he accepted! Quickly click on the arrow to find out more.

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