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Logbook of the crew 2018







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 ~ Heading to the Balearic Islands  ~


The swell is there, and with it seasickness. Florian and Marine are the only ones who can stay more than 5 minutes in the boat without being sick : they are therefore on kitchen (seasickness is good) ! For the others, we don't stay long on deck outside of the watches. We spend most of our time staring at the horizon as far as possible and breathing in deep breaths of air. We each find a food that whets our appetite despite the nausea. For Marie it's soft-boiled egg in all circumstances, and fish soup with her little garlic croutons : yum_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136_bad5cf58d !


Today we are preparing the boat to go back to sea. Yes, we have been on a stopover for a while, and we have a lot of work to do before the next crossing : pleins drinking water, refueling, cleaning the boat, full of gas oil, filling the fresh water tank, and above all, choosing the sampling area ! The time lost waiting for the right weather window in Galicia is catching up with us. We were supposed to go on a sampling loop towards the Italian coasts at this time, but looking closer, we probably won't have time to go very far south… Too bad because the gyres are in Sardinia_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_! There are also magnificent gyres to the east of the Balearic Islands… Come on, we're opting for the Balearic Islands, even the weather forecasts don't just predict good weather ! We hold everything in the boat to avoid breakage with the swell waiting for us outside the port, and here we go sailor, the sea is calling us !


Short walk on the Roc de Monaco, then we go to visit the famous aquarium. We meet the staff of the Oceanographic Institute, who have supported Sea Plastics since its creation by relaying our communication campaigns ! We are lucky enough to be able to visit the Monaco aquarium, and we are even considering an event at the Aquarium for the years to come...

We are progressing well. The swell is common sense and the wind pushes us from behind. We still have the impression of standing still ! Today, we arrive at a sampling area. It's the first time we've had to dive the net in such conditions : it's going to be sporty ! We stop the boat, which is then at the mercy of the waves. We fidget in all directions, which does not improve the general nausea. It was too much for Sarah when she added the 10 ml of formalin to the samples. Finally, the job is done, we set sail for new horizons, and we pray that this swell will calm down during the night...


We got really shaken up during the night, the swell didn't drop. Finally, things are starting to calm down (or else we've gotten together…), our appetite is back and we're starting to go out on deck again outside of our quarters. We look up at the stars, the sky has changed a lot since we left Brittany ! We will soon see the summer triangle and the Swan appear in the sky !


We spend 3 hours doing the dishes, because with this swell, even the most amarinated among us have not managed to stay balanced in the boat long enough to clean the plates and dishes that have been piling up for 3 days . We eat a good hot meal, and tomorrow we arrive on land !


Land in sight sailors ! However, the wind is coming right in from the coast, and Le Labo is not known for going upwind. We pull a few tacks before switching to the engine to arrive in Menorca. Marine on maneuver, we arrive in the evening at Port Mahon, and now we are almost sick of land. We ate a real meal in the saloon with the whole crew, and we spent a real night in dry, motionless berths… bliss !

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