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Logbook of the crew 2018







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That's it, we're leaving Viveiro, of course, last night we completely forgot our scopolamine. Everyone is a little muddy. Our only meal? A slice of pâté, but at least we're at sea and moving forward. Everyone spends a wonderful night, except Marie who is, it must be said, really not well. The stars are there and the fluorescent plankton illuminates the bow. But hey, we're still very happy to be able to get back to our bunks. Finally we arrive in the small port of Muxia, just after La Coruña and very close to Cape Finistère. A pretty church welcomes us on the side of the cliff, we are overtaken by a motor boat (which will steal all the hot water from the showers). In the evening, we taste the best Spanish tapas we have tasted since the start of the journey. However, this boui-boui did not look like much, but we enjoy it.

10/04 - 11/04

 ~ A nice encounter


Today well deserved rest for the whole team, on the program, ride and writing of the logbook. So Flo, Marine and Nathalie go around the pretty little church seen the day before and there, looking out to sea, they see a very small sail appear on the horizon. This sail becomes clearer and the crew clearly distinguishes a windsurf board which enters gently into the ria. As we have not crossed any port other than Muxia in the area, we look at each other, perplexed...

Flo decides to go and have a look and we meet a man in his forties, Jono, who explains to us that he is windsurfing around Europe. He left last May from Norway and is trying to reach the Dead Sea. He sails during the day and sleeps ashore at night, on his board, a gas stove, some clothes, a beacon, water, spare gear and energy bars. We invite him for dinner  and to spend the night in the lab. This beautiful meeting makes us relativize the notions of comfort, cold and difficulties. You can follow him on his website: ""

13/04 - 14/04

Departure 10am, last breakfast with Jono who advises us to be careful. Calm sea and lentil soup with ratatouille. We are aiming for Viana de Castello in Portugal, but in the night the wind weakens and turns. We are forced to fall back on Baiona, still in Galicia. Everyone in the shower when they arrive (with our 0 waste shampoo and toothpaste of course).

We discover the best showers we have had since the start. There is even a hair dryer, the height of luxury.

We leave around 4 p.m. from the marina of Baiona, deciding to reach Portugal this time. The coast is all lit up and the stars are out. Marie is looking for the constellations, the nights have been magnificent for some time, so we have the Big Dipper, the Herdsman, the Scorpion, Antares, Jupiter the Raven on our way to Portugal. We do an average of 3.5 knots during the night and in the morning, we finally arrive in Portugal at Viana de Castello.


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