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Logbook of the crew 2018







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 ~ Whales and Balearics  ~


Departure day for Le Labo, so we have to decide which route we will take. Flo throws herself on the weather, Lulu on the latest charts from Mercator Océan. We have the choice : either we go back to the east of the Balearic Islands, where we come from, or we go west, where we have already passed going up from Gibraltar. The weather is good on both sides, and there are gyres on both sides… what to do ? We call Delphine Bonnet, our microplastics specialist from MARBEC, who works on water samples collected at sea. She advises us to go back east, the interest being to be able to measure the bias of the sampling protocol linked to swell ! Well seen ! Final preparations before departure, and we set sail for the mainland, bye bye Balearic Islands !


The captaincy keeps making us change places… finally it's an opportunity to practice maneuvering ! Marie, Lulu and Marine pass the helm many times to change from pontoon A to pontoon C, from pontoon C to pontoon D, and from pontoon D to pontoon A (yes, in the same place as when we arrived). Apart from these comings and goings, we work all day locked up in the boat, trying to create non-existent drafts. On the program : development of return expedition events, debriefing with the land team, calls with the bankers, writing the newsletter, updating the website. We're not in bed !


Late wake-up call for everyone : we really enjoyed this sleepover ! We decide to visit the center of Port-Mahon, which looks really pretty. Problem : it is 40°C and the city center is 40 minutes from the port, on the hill. Come on, let's go ! There are a bunch of little craft shops. Arrived at the top, we taste the local drink, based on Gin, lemon and ice… a real delight with the tapas ! We take advantage of the day at Spanish time, then we return to the boat. The mails ? Accounting ? Sorting data ? It will be for tomorrow. Tonight : film-jars-dodo.

Here we go again for the quarters. We are woken every 6 hours by a small, friendly and compassionate voice : « Sarah ?...9_05cc758d_?...9_05cc758d_Sarah 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_??... it's going to be your shift… little coffee ?... To all ”. 15 minutes the time to put on a jacket and shoes, to freshen up and we take our heads out of the cockpit, the fresh air which takes your breath away and inflates your lungs. We meet two crew members wide awake on the bridge, one seems a little more tired than the other : it's time to take a nap  ! But first, a little coffee for three, and debrief on the last 4 hours of navigation, the course to follow, the weather and the significant events of the night such as for example " we crossed a ferry which allait en Corse ! » ou bien « il y avait des méduses fluorescentes dans le sillage  ! ”.

Sampling is much less tiring than on the fairway without the swell. We will really be able to measure the bias linked to the state of the sea, it's top !


Today is Flo's birthday, or Papa-Lab for friends. We decide to make him a beautiful chocolate fondant with a white chocolate heart (ok, you can't invent it on a boat, we had planned for the last refueling). We take turns whipping the egg whites, then we put the preparation in the oven and the champagne in a large bucket of sea water. Papa-Labo ?... Lab ?? it's going to be your shift… kid… CHAMPAGNE ??? HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!


This morning, we see that there are about 20 hours left before we reach the coast. We all have a twinge in our hearts because it was our last sampling loop on the high seas. We're pulling the jackpot for our last day of observation : 4 groups of fin whales, including one individual who made a monumental leap about fifty meters from the boat ! We shoot photos, we fill out our observation sheets and we record the sounds… what a sight to see whales !


Today there is a hiking team and a shopping team ! Lulu and Marine going on a mop in search of a hidden cove, wild turtles and the sound of cicadas, while Flo, Sarah and I are going window shopping to discover local crafts. We are not disappointed, and the crew joins for a not-to-be-missed event for the locals : Spain is playing a World Cup match tonight ! We find the supporters' bistro, the atmosphere is there and Spain wins the match ! Can't wait for those of the France  team!

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