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Logbook of the crew 2018







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Marie arrives for her watch: no wind. She just has time to get dressed for Florian to shout "Mary hurry up". In 1 min we find ourselves under a cloud with 30 knots of wind upwind. We take several laughs. Then the wind suddenly calms down, we are still upwind and not manoeuvring. We do a lot of tacks, gybes, tacks, gybes to find a pace that suits our Lab. After all, 4 hours of quarter goes by quickly when you're having fun!


 ~ SOS off Barcelona  ~


It's time to send SOS to find a decanter in Barcelona, we finally have the network. After an eternity spent on the phone, we have to face the facts, we won't find any there. But it doesn't matter, Lucie our last teammate finds some in France and will bring it back to us on Monday. Another problem to solve now: how do we get to the port with our 15-ton Lab without an engine? After a second eternity spent calling the 3 ports of Barcelona, the emergency service, a private towing box and again the 3 ports of Barcelona, it's good, we'll be towed. At 2am, 0 knots of wind for a third eternity. Impossible to maneuver the boat which drifts slowly towards the breakwater. We finally call the emergency services which tow us to the Olympic port. Arrival at 5:30 am in Barcelona. Will this day really last 24 hours?


In the night, we pass in the heart of an area supposedly concentrated in plastic. We take our first plastic sample with a closing net, at 4 a.m. in the night. In the morning, the weather is superb, two dolphins have been following us for an hour and we take out the hydrophone. Everything is fine ! In the evening, we turn on the engine, until it gets carried away... We cut everything, Sarah contorts herself to look for the breakdown and announces to us that the decanter has exploded. We are in the middle of the Gulf of Valencia, with no network to warn anyone, no wind to advance towards our course, the batteries will soon be flat if it continues to rain and the routing informs us that we will be in Barcelona in 2 weeks. MedSeaLitter, it seems compromised seen from here.


Difficult awakening by port agents at 10 a.m. who want us to move now. They are neither friendly nor competent. After a good quarter of an hour stuck in the dangles without them wanting to change maneuvers, we finally manage to moor.

Note zero waste: seasonal fruits and vegetables!

We pass in front of the Andalusian coasts and our gaze is attracted by large white lines. It doesn't look like cities... Marine takes the binoculars. These are the famous greenhouses so that we can eat tomatoes in plastic even in winter. We look a little at our zero waste books to buy only seasonal fruits and vegetables: it avoids buying fruits and vegetables that are not very ripe, and which have crossed the ocean transported in large motor cargo ships to arrive on our plate. !


Successful fishing: zero fish, a plastic bag...


Still difficult to wake up to by the port agents who believe that we have not paid for the first night because they have lost the bill... But morale is high, Lulu is arriving this afternoon, in addition to the new decanter. At 11 p.m., the engine purrs again. Tomorrow, we go back to sea, the whole team!

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