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Logbook of the crew 2018







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 ~ Harbors and Calanques  ~


We find the members of Véolia, Sittomate and other associations who set up their stand in the early morning at Saint-Mandrier. Today, a new challenge awaits us : we have to adapt our activities for kindergarten groups. The problem ? We make the little ones play the game of hangman with words which reminds them of plastic pollution… impossible for the little ones who can't read and write… We finally come out of it like leaders, Flo helps us to manage the strong heads. In the afternoon, we give for the last time a general public conference. Yes, the next conference will take place much later, for the evening back from the expedition at the Aquarium de Paris !


Wake up early to prepare the Sea Plastics stand at the Rade Bleue festival in Toulon. Heavy program in perspective with several school groups, interviews, and the stands of other participants to visit ! Just behind the stand, the Labo is making a big impression on primary school students who hadn't considered sleeping and eating inside a boat ! As usual, the little ones surprise us with their knowledge of the sea and pollution. The day ends at the Capitainerie with a glass of local rosé for all participants. We return to the boat and set sail : tomorrow the festival continues in Saint-Mandrier, on the other side of the harbour.

This morning, departure for Toulon. We arrive in the harbor in two-two without even having hoisted the sails. The Lab is a little intimidated by the imposing ships of the military arsenal, and Flo tells us a lot of anecdotes about the Abeille Flandre, the Tonnerres, and the Charles de Gaulle. We enter the marina, taking care not to go beyond the military zone, in search of pontoon D on which a place is reserved for us. We moor to our pontoon, or rather to what's left of it because the majority of the pontoon has obviously been torn off by who knows what ! The advantage of this " system D " pontoon is that we are very close to the toilets, and without neighbors  ! We happily discover air-conditioned toilets that do a lot of good with this heat… here we are, far from the extreme cold of the Bay of Biscay !


The next day, we dive back into our emails. At the moment, our main objective is to find a Mediterranean port for the Lab's overwintering. If we can save the next crew from traveling from Brittany, it will save a lot of time for sampling ! In the afternoon, we rent a catamaran at the local sailing club, and we go racing with the other dinghies in the harbour...


This morning, we set up the stand in the middle of the Calanques park. We meet a crowd of tourists, and we talk at length with several regulars of the park. At noon, we will have a picnic at the Harbor Master's Office with the managers of the park, with whom we have a great time ! We taste the local drink (you can't refuse !), and we go back to our stand. In the afternoon, the heat is dizzying. We finish the day completely exhausted by the heat, we fold up the stand and go take a bath in the cool water of the Calanques… A well-deserved little break !


This morning, we set sail for Cassis. We take our eyes off it when we arrive in the Calanques… We moor Le Labo in Port-Miou. The clear, turquoise water, the little creaking wooden pontoons, the sound of the cicadas... We're taking advantage of this calm before tomorrow's day.  


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