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Logbook of the crew 2018







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 ~ First departures and new perspectives  ~


Departure day for Sarah and new blues for the crew. It's really starting to feel the end, but we still feel a little frustration : the delay accumulated during the bad weather in Galicia led us to cancel a sampling loop covering northern Italy and the east of Corsica. Although we have kept the month of August free to prepare the handover for the next sea team, and for the Lab's wintering work, the temptation to redo a sampling loop is enormous... The crew is unanimous_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_: the more samples we have, the more successful the mission will be. Marie and Sarah then decide to look for a new crew to make one last trip aboard the Lab!


We leave the next day. Along the way, we salute Marseille, the Château d'If and the Bonne Mère. The conditions are ideal for sailing, you can feel the boat reacting to the slightest helm. At night, we reach Martigues and Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône, the new home port of Labo ! But we will not stop there this time, because a last intervention awaits us in Carnon, in the Gulf of Lion. We take advantage of our nocturnal passage to admire the flames of the oil refineries on the coast, and the lights of the sleeping cargo ships in the bay…

This morning, a first member of the crew leaves the ship to go and find his family on vacation. Marine's departure leaves a big void, even if the forward berth now seems much more spacious ! The rest of the crew decides to spend a day in Friuli. We leave Port-Miou after a little engine check : V-drive oil OK, engine oil OK, VHF on, depth sounder, anemo… engine on, everyone at their post, we take off the moorings and we leave. We take advantage of the journey, for once, there is no hurry. We arrive at Frioul after an acrobatic maneuver to moor at the buoy.


In Carnon, it's the feast of the sea. It's our last intervention, so we're at bloc ! We witness an astonishing parade of boats disguised around exotic themes. This traditional ceremony ends with a speech by the mayor and a buffet. We talk around our stand with the sailors from Carnon, and we realize that people are leaving the buffet very quickly… strange. Where do they all go like this ? We quickly find the answer by passing in front of a bistro : they have all reserved a table to see the final of the world cup ! We hurry to find a place in front of a TV. What an evening ! World Champions !!


We arrive in Carnon in the morning, no dripping lines this time but strange poles to moor… We are always surprised when maneuvering at ports !


Today, we have an appointment at MARBEC at the University of Montpellier to deposit all the samples collected during these 4 months of expedition. We load it all up in our bulk bags, jump on the tram and let's go ! The habit of moving at an average speed of 3.5 knots gives us an impression of extreme speed in the tram. We arrive at MARBEC, where we find Delphine Bonnet. We debrief on the sampling conditions on the boat, on the next analyzes of the samples, on the prospects for the next expedition... Then we leave without our samples, and with the feeling of having accomplished our mission_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_: we have 40 water samples from all over the western Mediterranean (or almost), which will be analyzed to quantify the level of pollution by microplastics and their vertical distribution in seawater.

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