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Logbook of the crew 2019

baleine bleue.png

The crossing from Sicily to Sardinia was one of the most epic so far... Filled with good intentions, Julie had cooked lots of small dishes in advance before leaving: pasta with seafood, fish with vegetables... . Unfortunately, when we left the bay of Palermo, we realized that the weather would not leave our stomachs intact... Fred and Julie can tell you that pasta with seafood is not is not very good on the way back...Morality, dishes based on seafood are to be avoided for rough crossings...

But that was only the beginning. After a first day and a night of struggling in the waves, the second night of sailing was... the apocalypse! The wind picked up suddenly and everything in the boat crashed. The boat heeled so  that it became difficult to hold the helm upright and the waves kept  to pass over the boat so that in a few minutes we were soaked! In these extreme conditions, Perrine stayed out all night so that the watchman could call him at any time in the event of a problem or to replace him if he felt like vomiting. She put herself in a fetal position, sheltered from the wind with her heavy raincoat, trying to sleep as best she could. But the worst was inside. Without really seeing the sea, the boat was moving in all directions and you could feel the mast and the hull vibrating as well as all the ropes cracking. It was not easy to sleep.

We arrived safe and sound, exhausted but happy.



We then take the direction of Palermo where we have once again a very beautiful night of navigation accompanied by dolphins as well as an impressive quantity of jellyfish and phosphorescent plankton! We arrive at dawn  where we carry out our series of sampling in the Bay of Palermo. Once again, the conditions are ideal. We then go to the port of Palermo where we will spend a few days to rest, refuel but also to find the internet and be able to work. To stock up, we had the joy of discovering the different markets of Palermo, allowing us to shop... in bulk of course!

We are also starting to talk seriously with  the new 2020 team about their plans for their expedition. 

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We only stayed 3 days in Cagliari. Just enough time to rest, go around the city, do the shopping but above all... celebrate Fred's birthday! For the occasion we went to a very good restaurant which had the merit of being eco-responsible, of cooking local and seasonal products and of professional reintegration. A wonderful moment of sharing.

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