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Logbook of the crew 2019

baleine bleue.png

We managed to be patient enough to have perfect conditions for the sampling!  We particularly appreciate the sea of oil which allows us to carry out the sampling more easily by being, excuse me l expression, "more stable on our supports". After the sampling we take the direction of Salernes (with all the same a detour via Capri) where we spend a night in a port to recharge the water and the batteries. We however come across a port... not very equipped... The pontoons are plastic floating pontoons and it is a concession system where there are different owners... It's a bit dodgy but we can tell rest for the night!





At the end of April we arrive in Naples. We anchored in the bay of Pouzolles to shelter us from the wind and wait for the conditions to be milder to take our samples. Having no more battery on our computers to work, we took advantage of this bad weather to do some sightseeing in Naples. A short  but well-deserved rest after a restless night of navigation!

We then hit the road again towards Calabria for our next sample. A storm is forecast and forces us to stop at a port in Marina di Camerota after a night of navigation. We enthusiastically discover this charming village. Quickly however, we lock ourselves in the boat to observe through the portholes the storm which rages outside! It's also a good opportunity to put your head back in front of the computers and work a little...

After a fairly quiet night's sailing, we arrive in Calabria for our 3rd sample. We arrive around 7am at the sampling site and the conditions are ideal. Despite the night at sea, we are in good shape and are carrying out the series of samplings following. We have rarely been so efficient! It is also an opportunity to take pretty pictures of the sampling.

In this hollow of the boot of Italy we are surprised at the quantity of jellyfish but also of plastic that there is on the sampling site! Maybe it was also due to the storm the day before...

Aeolian Islands

After the sampling, we go straight back to navigation, as long as the wind pushes us towards the Aeolian Islands. The sea is oil but there is enough air to carry us forward. It's one of the most beautiful sailings we've had the opportunity to do so far with the most charming company:  dolphins who hardly left us, even during the night. During this night, we even had the chance to pass in front of Stromboli which was erupting. We were able to observe lava jets rouge coming out of the volcano. At dawn, we arrive off Lipari where we drop anchor one night to rest after these two nights of sailing!

Echantillonnage du microplastique en mer avec un bateau à voile et un filet fermant
P5077011 (2).JPG


On leaving we stop for one night on the magnificent island of Capri. As we leave, it is with emotion that we listen to the music "Capri, it's over" by Hervé Villard.

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