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Logbook of the crew 2019

baleine bleue.png

On May 22, the event "Planet Ocean" was held, including conferences as part of the Argonautica program. 
The wind had decided that day to push us in the right direction to reach the Balearic Islands. So we left the port of Cagliari, which generously offered us la place at the port instead of, as planned, being at the dock for the conference. It was therefore off the Sardinian coast that we participated and answered the various questions of the students... by telephone. We consulted for a long time before determining the ideal place for this intervention... not inside for the most sensitive stomachs when sailing, not on the deck outside car with the wind they would not have heard us... So we sat on the ground in the cockpit, equipped with headphones and we hope that the students heard us... 

To add to this epic, we were at that time in the middle of military exercises. We were in the middle of 3 military boats and fighter planes were passing just above the boat... I assure you that it is difficult to hear a question on the phone when a fighter plane passes near you!

argonautica conference

Conférence Argonautica de l'équipe SEA Plastics 2019 sur le pont de leur voilier
conf argonautica.jpg

In Toulouse...

Off the Sardinian coast...

Heading to Spain!


After a bit of wind, it was the calm that caught up with us when we were right in the middle of the Mediterranean, with no view of any land. So we were adrift, waiting for the wind, in the endless calm of the ocean.

Faced with this inaction, our main activity was to watch the sea, which allowed us to be able to observe a manta ray in full flight... A breathtaking spectacle which, although very fast, will remain an unforgettable moment of our expedition!

After a night of waiting for the wind, it finally showed up to take us to Palma.

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