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Logbook of the crew 2019

baleine bleue.png

After a crossing without too much wind, and after having crisscrossed Italy for almost 2 months, we drop anchor on Spanish soil. We arrive late after the crossing and spend a night in a cove before reaching the port of Palma de Mallorca. The coast of this island seen from the sea is magnificent! 

Once the foot on the ground, we do not stubble: cleaning the boat, shopping, laundry... We only have one day to restore the boat after the crossing because we receive the next day a class of schoolchildren for our first awareness event!

palma de mallorca

For our first awareness activity we decided to prepare a zero waste snack to show that it is possible! On the menu: orange juice, orange zest cake and cookies which are our speciality!

We had divided our intervention  into 3 stands that talked about micro-plastic pollution and our nets, the boat and our Hypatia buoy. The exercise was not easy because of the language barrier. Our too low level of Spanish forced us to intervene in English which allowed the college students to work on theirs. However, fortunately we had prepared lists of English <-> Spanish vocabularies and the teachers were there to translate from time to time.

We also met the local members of the SEABIN project who explained to us how their Seabin works and how much waste it collects in a week! 

After tasting the local tapas, it's already time for us to leave the sol español... it was brief but intense!

Return to France

We take the road early in the morning to avoid a strong gale which is expected. As we leave, we admire the cliffs of Majorca while enjoying the remains of the "zero waste" snack we had made. 

During the crossing, we have once again the chance to observe dolphins but also and especially whales! We were able to see two fin whales, a mother and her child.

On the last day, when we thought we would escape the gust of wind, we finally suffered it, full force... force 8 and 4-meter hollows, enough to give us some fears ! Luckily Perrine is leading the boat with a masterful hand and everything is going well despite the fact that the entire spice cupboard has overturned in the boat... a lot of cleaning work awaits us.

Navigation à la voile vue sur les falaises de Majorque
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