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Logbook of the crew 2019

baleine bleue.png

The beautiful days are starting to show up and here we are back in France, sooner than expected thanks to a strong gale that pushed us to the French coast! We are very well received by Servane at the port of Cavalaire. Thanks to her, we had the chance to meet many children to talk to them about what we do.  We also had a stand during the port festival where we were able to meet the inhabitants of Cavalaire who passed by.  In the evening we had the chance to celebrate this port festival with boaters and the port office which had planned entertainment.


Stand de sensibilisation de SEA Plastics au port de Cavalaire
Visite de scolaires du voiier de l'expédition SEA Plastics 2019 lors de la fête du port de Cavalaire

cap of garlic

It is with emotion that we return close to the Monegasque coasts where we had made our first stopover. Alex and Filippo come to help us moor when we arrive on the Cap d'Ail pontoon. The welcome is royal! We are in front of the harbor master's office and Alex, the harbor master helped us organize everything: intervention with schools, conference and stands. Everything went as planned over 3 days. We were able to test for the first time our game of 6 families with the children and make our very first conference for the adults. On the last day we held a stand on the occasion, once again, of the port festival. We met a lot of people and during downtime, Filippo taught us how to tie bowline knots but... "cowboy version"!

Explication de l'utilisation du filet fermant à des scolaires au port du Cap d'Ail par l'association SEA Plastics
Stand de sensibilisation tenu par l'association SEA Plastics pour la fête du port du Cap d'Ail

During the port festival, we also had the opportunity to meet Ecocean. They install bio huts in many ports thus allowing the reconstruction of certain marine ecosystems.


It is with a heavy heart that we leave Cap d'Ail where we have had such wonderful encounters. We leave at dawn towards Cogolin. On the road, we have the chance to pass in the middle of the regatta of the sails of Saint Tropez and we can admire the crews activate themselves to work out the best techniques. All these carbon sails spinning on the water fill our eyes with admiration. At anchor near Saint Tropez, we also had the chance to watch the fireworks at the end of the regatta from our boat.


After a nice sailing trip in the bay of Saint Tropez, we arrive at Cogolin. Unfortunately, we quickly discover that there has been a misunderstanding... The port thought we were arriving in July... So we have to adapt. We will not have a stand but we will take the electric car from the port to intervene in schools. From kindergarten to elementary school, we have to adapt our speeches to the very different ages of the children who are in daycare! They were however very interested  in what we were doing and some gave us  good ideas to clean the ocean of all plastics like: "remove water, clean the plastic then put the water back" or "remove the fish, pass nets to remove the plastic and put the fish back"!

Back in port we spend happy moments with our pontoon neighbors who are in yachts before heading back on the road.

Démonstration du filet manta et filet fermant devant des scolaires lors de l'escale de l'expédition SEA Plastics 2019 au port de Cogolin
Atelier de sensibilisation avec des scolaires lors de l'escale de l'expédition SEA Plastics 2019 au port de Cogolin
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