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Logbook of the crew 2019

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We hoist the sails in the direction of Saint Mandrier this time on the occasion of the Rades Bleues of the Rade de Toulon. On the program, 3 days of awareness where we must receive many children from schools and surrounding leisure centers. These days are organized by the Var Chamber of Commerce.

The Port of Saint Mandrier opens hostilities. We have a stand all day where the classes parade to listen to our adventures and play our educational games with us. In the evening, we hold a conference for adults before the "pontoon aperitif" where we have the opportunity to meet the boaters of Saint Mandrier. We must then quickly leave the port to go to the port of Toulon where the awareness day begins early the next day!

The Blue Rades

Stand de sensibilisation à la pollution plastique par l'équipage SEA Plastics à l'occasion des Rades Bleues à Toulon
Sensibilisation de scolaires à la pollution plastique par l'équipage SEA Plastics lors des journées Rades Bleues à Toulon
Sensibilisation à la pollution plastique au port de vieille Darse de Toulon par l'association SEA Plastics

At the port of the old Darse de Toulon, we repeat the same pattern. We hold a stand and the children parade. We are starting to master our speech really well and we are getting very good at memory and the game of 6 families!

In the evening we meet the yachtsmen of the port of the old Darse but we do not linger because we have to go to La Seyne sur Mer and for the first time... WITHOUT our captain!

Perrine left for a medical appointment, so it was Quiterie who took the helm accompanied by the best team members, Fred and Julie. We set sail without any problem at the Port de la Seyne sur mer dock, although it takes us a little longer than when Perrine is with us... 

Once again we have a stand and this time it is the summer camps that come to participate in our workshops. You have to adapt to the fact that they are not all the same age. We finally conclude these 3 intense days of awareness around a drink with the boaters of La Seyne sur mer and the organizers of the blue harbors and this evening, no need to move the boat!

Finally, after these 3 days where we met more than 350 children, we allow ourselves a few days of rest in Porquerolles on the road to Lavandou. The opportunity to admire beautiful sunsets, to stretch your legs while strolling on the island, to have dinner with the owner of our Océanis who was in the area and the opportunity to Fred to have his hair cut by Perrine. We are leaving in great shape for new adventures!

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