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Logbook of the crew 2019

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On June 23, we arrive in this charming summer town of Lavandou. we were expected to carry out awareness-raising events in co-orginastion with the association of yachtsmen of the port of Lavandou. Thus, for two days, we had a stand in front of the harbor master's office to answer the questions of the most curious and we received the children from the Lavandou leisure center. Some children were under 6 years old and  so we had to adapt our activities for children who could not read. The opportunity for us to make them discover the story of ISA the seagull!

Our boat was right in front of the harbor master's office, which allowed us to show it around and meet great people.

the lavender

Sensibilisation de scolaires à pollution plastique océanique par SEA Plastics au port du Lavandou
Sensibilisation de scolaires à pollution plastique océanique par SEA Plastics au port du Lavandou

We spent the morning with them. Their mistress had already raised their awareness during the year, but it was an opportunity to remind them of the importance of protecting the ocean and the challenges of plastic and micro-plastic pollution. We left this school boosted by this new generation who sometimes better understand the issue and the urgency of protecting the environment than the adult generations and we left with beautiful drawings to decorate our boat!


Dessins sur la pollution plastique faits par des scolaires à la suite d'une intervention de SEA Plastics au port de Bormes les Mimosas

For the rest of the adventures we did not go very far since the next port where we had to go was that of Bormes les Mimosas, just opposite the port of Le Lavandou.

We were very well received in this port. They have a bike loan service. We were delighted to use another means of transport than the boat and it was a good opportunity to go shopping and to go around the city.

The next day, because of the heatwave alert, the class that was supposed to come to see us was not allowed to come to the port... One of the sailors kindly drove us to drop us off at the kindergarten where the children were waiting for us. 

After a charming lunch with the harbor master, we experienced the very high heat of the day in our boat. It's so hot in a boat at the quay that we had to regularly (every 30min or so) douse ourselves with water so as not to die of heat! We saved our movements as much as possible to prepare the conference that we were doing in the evening and which fortunately was... in an air-conditioned room!!!!

Conférence SEA Plastics au port de Bormes les Mimosas

About thirty people came to listen to us and we had very interesting discussions, particularly on the policies put in place or to be put in place.

We then have to leave this air-conditioned room to prepare the boat for the next adventures!

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