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The Godfather

We arrived at Étel on February 15 to begin work on the boat. Program loaded :

  • Installing the autopilot

  • Installing the wind turbine

  • Engine check

  • Redo the upholstery

  • Rethink carpentry and interior fittings

  • Changing the UV band of the genoa

  • Replace some boots

  • Build the Directional Hydrophone

  • A little lick of paint

In short, we have work ! Fortunately, our godfather Jean-Pierre Dick is in on it ! His base is in Lorient, very close to Étel, and he knows the best places in the area to do our repairs. Julien Penven who is in his team, and who also works at the town hall of Étel comes to see us several times, and gives us lots of advice. We inherit new halyards and lots of boots (which were still used in legendary races !). The tips for choosing deck anti-slip save us a lot of money. Well, we are not shipyard experts, but we get started, we listen and we learn. We still have a lot of work to do before leaving, so we're hanging on!

A big thank you to our sponsor Jean Pierre Dick and Julien Penven !! 😉

The 2018 team

Jean-Pierre Dick , four-time winner of the Jacques Vabre transatlantic race, 4th in the Vendée Globe, veterinarian, graduate of HEC, this extraordinary Nice native supports us personally in our adventure!

Our godfather and role model

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