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Diving in the bilges

Although salt water surrounds us on Le Labo, fresh water is nonetheless essential for life on board. Marie, Sarah and Flo tackle the piping, the pumps and the various circuits, fresh water, gray water, black water, the bottom of the hold (my favourite).

An unfortunate spool of wire slipped into the bilges and caused quite a mess in our bilge and freshwater pumps...

When Marie and Sarah lift the floors, it's a soup of old motor oils and diesel, a treat... Scoop, sponges, mops, we scrub and scour to be able to install our new pumps.


Too tight collars, recalcitrant pipes and questionable leaks give us a lot of trouble!

Finally, the pumps are placed in clean holds, we cleaned our boat well. On the other hand, the smell should still remain embedded in our clothes for several days.

The 2018 team

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