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A bit of new

When Paule, or grandmother for those close to her, went up to the lab, her eagle eye immediately spotted everything that was wrong. And indeed, the cushions, after their long wintering in the port of Port Mannech, had taken on quite a lot of humidity... A few small mushrooms had taken up residence in our upholstery, and although we are mushroom lovers, we didn't don't want it on our cushions.


In addition, there were still some small carpentry work to be done, because comfort on the boat, especially when you stay on top of each other for 5 months, is rather important. Let's save the morale of the troops!


Sea Plastics then recruited Marcel, a handyman who made a brand new table, anti-roll boards, curtains for a bit of privacy, fiddles to secure our belongings and superb three-star wardrobes. It must be said that he brought out his mother's sewing machine to concoct for us a tip top interior worthy of luxury cruise yachts!

All varnished with organic lacquer and respectful of the sea, we could not dream of better!


For her part, Grandmother takes the measurements, contacts her seamstress, finds a beautiful Sea Plastics blue and bam, all the upholstery is refurbished! Our boat is getting a special makeover in 2018, we love it! So here we are in a new cozy interior and ready for science!

The 2018 team

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