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Logbook of the crew 2019

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Before arriving in Port Vendres, we suffered a "Grain", The real tropical grain where we were all in T-shirts doing a sampling and it started to rain downpours. In the distance, we see the storm breaking over Port Vendres where we have to go. There are a lot of flashes, it's impressive. It's our first storm on the boat. We take out our watch jackets which hadn't been used for a while and we sail to the port of Port Vendres. 

The storm is calming down and the sun is rising again, the opportunity for us to clean the boat and after a week on a dead body at 8 in the boat with the 2020 team and Méric, there is work to do!

We then move on to the organization of the conference. The port has not had the opportunity to communicate on the conference... so we are afraid that there is no one there. Fortunately, we had also spoken with the instructors of one of the Port Vendres diving clubs who came and brought people back! This conference, which promised to be a failure, finally led to very interesting exchanges. And to continue the conversations and relax after the conference, the chamber of commerce and the port had planned... a drink!

port sells

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We leave very early in the morning. Everything is going well, we're downwind, the boat isn't moving too much and we're moving quickly, which allows the most tired to continue their night. But that was before the storm came over us... 

The wind is violent and the lightning is just above us/ We are only afraid of being struck by lightning... Perrine stays outside to steer and forbids us to go out. The three of us are therefore in the saloon reading on the internet "how to avoid being struck by lightning by boat",  which is not necessarily the best idea... Fortunately, a change of violent wind opens the spice cupboard which gives us a good activity, cleaning the curry which covers the interior of the boat!!!

The storm eventually subsided and we arrived at Gruissan. We swallow pasta with pesto rosso and take a big nap before preparing for the evening conference. We are lucky to have a magnificent room and the environment department of the city of Gruissan honors us with its presence. The end-of-conference drink allows us to meet the many people.

The next day, we receive at our stand a school of leisure to whom we present our work.

We then take the road again in the direction of Saint Mandrier where we rest a little before the crossing... for Corsica!

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