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Logbook of the crew 2019

baleine bleue.png

After a magnificent navigation downwind and a brief stop at the port of Port Vendres to recharge the water and the bateeries, we arrive in this magnificent town of Collioure where we will be on a mooring for a week. with stunning views of the city.



We were invited to Collioure to attend and participate in a scientific symposium called OcéanS sponsored by Jean Jouzel. We were therefore able to complete our training by listening to the greatest researchers in oceanography, marine biology, climatology and others. Every morning, after a refreshing bath in the bay of Collioure, we went to attend conferences like schoolchildren happy to find the school benches. 

We learned many things about river inputs, different types of pollution, biodiversity, micro-organisms and sea snow, and so on. We were delighted to listen to all the greatest researchers such as Jean Jouzel, Guy Brasseur, Serge Planes, Wolfgang Ludwig, Gilles Boeuf, Gaby Gorsky, Vincent Laudet, Jean-François Ghiglione and Erik Orsena et de many others and the greatest navigators like Titouan Lamazou.


It was the perfect opportunity for the Expedition 2020 team to come see us! Cléa, Elora and Benjamin managed to free themselves from their internship obligations to come and spend a few days with us. We thus got to know them, they were able to understand the issues that exist around the protection of the ocean and we were able to train them by carrying out a sample with them off Collioure so that they understand how our scientific equipment works. . 

Sortir le filet fermant de l'eau après avoir échantillonner des microplastiques dans la colonne d'eau

We had the chance to speak at this symposium. We were able to show the film made by the 2017 expedition, explain what we are doing and the 2020 team had the opportunity to introduce themselves. We must admit that it was a little stressful to present our work in front of the greatest researchers in the profession!

In Collioure, we also had the visit of Méric who will make the documentary of our expedition. Thanks to him, we were able to carry out interviews with the greatest researchers that you can find on Youtube and Facebook.

Conférence de SEA Plastics au colloque Océans à Collioure
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