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Logbook of the crew 2019

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In Saint Mandrier, Méric joins us and we leave for Corsica. Off Saint Mandrier we are taking a sample, which allows Méric to take images for the film we are making to explain the role of the association. 

Crossing to Corsica


The second evening, we all stayed on deck discussing the film with Méric and watching the stars, then we dropped anchor in a cove near the bay of Ajaccio around midnight. The next day, Méric leaves to take drone images while we cross the pass of the bloodthirsty islands. That's wonderful! However, there was a problem saving the images which unfortunately will never be in the film...

We finally arrive in Ajaccio where we have an extraordinary welcoming committee! Journalists, the majority of sailors from the port and about twenty people waiting for us to take a picture. It was an Interreg meeting where the director of the port explained to us the installations which were going to be set up on the careening area of the port of Ajaccio to limit water pollution. Then there was a pot where we met the world of racing that Perrine knows so well. So we spent the evening talking about sail settings, old rigging, boat repairs and we went to visit each other's boats. "Bibi", one of the best helmsmen and regatta tactician even offered to go for a boat ride with his big sun!


The conditions being optimal, we then take the road towards Corsica. The weather is calm and we are making progress, it's delicious to sail in these conditions! In the evening the wind picks up a little and we alternate shifts. We got into the habit of managing the shifts every three nights and Perrine taking the 6 or 7 a.m. shift so that we could sleep in. 


The next day we are going to dive so that Méric can film images of underwater life. The diving is magnificent; We see groupers in the distance and the reefs are filled with pomfret fry which have an extraordinary electric blue color!

Two days later we are doing the conference where we had the fewest people of the whole expedition... But we adapt and we try to interest the 3 people who are there! Then, we refuel, answer questions from France 3 and we take the direction of Bonifacio under the command of ... Quiterie! Perrine is gone and we must now learn to manage without her... Hell of a test!

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