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Logbook of the crew 2019

baleine bleue.png

We were expected in Bonifacio 3 days after leaving Ajaccio, which gives us time to enjoy the magnificent Corsican coast. 

We therefore have the chance to take advantage of different anchorages and for once we have time to swim and go observe the fish! 

The wind is not too strong and we manage like leaders without Perrine! We sail mainly with the genoa alone, downwind. Finally, the wind pushes us towards Bonifacio without us having much to do. 



We have a stand in front of the captaincy of Bonifacio where we may not be at the place where there is the most traffic. It is therefore difficult to attract people. We do, however, speak with a few people and play with a few children. Perrine arrives at the end of the afternoon and we leave directly in the direction of France to avoid the "big blow" of the mistral which is coming.

Return to France

One of the most beautiful navigation awaits us for this return expedition. the elements seem to be with us. The wind pushes us and marine life continues to show up around us. Dolphins come to visit us constantly, we see shoals of tuna jumping, the lucky ones see pilot whales, rays and even... a shark! 

But above all, we have never seen whales so close to our boat. Several fin whales come and circle around the boat!

We take full advantage of this last crossing which passes very quickly and we quickly arrive in Saint Mandrier where the cleaning and storage stage awaits us...

rorqual commun.jpg


The arrival in the port of Bonifacio is impressive! Especially for newbies! We pass through the Bonifacio gorges then we arrive in the port where there are boats in all directions in a very narrow port! we must remain attentive... The mooring is however done without incident and we attack the cleaning of the boat which we return in a week...

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