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Logbook of the crew 2019

baleine bleue.png

3 intense days of cleaning and tidying up await us... But that's the price to pay to recover the full deposit we deposited for the rental of the boat! Thank you Jolyon!

Quiterie arrives with a car that we fill to the maximum with all our stuff... we have to play tetris!

We spend a delicious last evening all together, a last night on this boat which accompanied us for 4 months through the western Mediterranean and we say goodbye to Perrine...

The expedition ends and we remember all the good times spent together during this wonderful adventure!

End of expedition


Back to Paris

The fine team made up of the 3 of us then takes the road to Paris to invest our new premises which are located in the cellars of AgroParisTech. 

After a day in the car (by car this time...) we discover our new premises... A hell of a cleaning job awaits us! There's two inches of dust on the floor and walls and boxes of archives that have been piled up there for years. So we spend a day scouring this room so that all our equipment is stored in good conditions before the next expedition in 2020!

Simon, one of the founders of the association comes to join us and we spend the evening telling him about our expedition, our meetings and we create lots of new projects for the association.

The next day, the time has come to leave for a few days of well-deserved vacation and rest before embarking on new adventures!

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