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On the boat SEA Plastics, we also celebrate April 1st! However, our fish  are quite... special. Like many of their flesh buddies,  their digestive tract is full of microplastics!

Indeed, a 2015 study [1]  showed that microplastics are found in many species of Mediterranean fish. For example, 64% of the mullet studied had microplastic in their stomach. 

(Warning, this is not April Fool's Day!)

So do like us, print and stick our fish filled with plastique  on the backs of your loved ones. You can take the opportunity to talk to them about microplastic pollution!

Coloriage de rouget avec du microplastique
Coloriage de requin épineux avec du miroplastique
Icone de sardine avec du microplastique
Icone de merlu avec du microplastique

[1] Avio, CG, Gorbi, S., & Regoli, F. (2015). Experimental development of a new protocol for extraction and characterization of microplastics in fish tissues: First observations in commercial species from the Adriatic Sea. Marine Environmental Research, 111, 18–26. DOI:10.1016/j.marenvres.2015.06.014 

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