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Pupils of the CE1-CE2 class of the Simone Veil public primary school in Arzens took their brushes following an intervention in Plastic Arts by Audrey Meline  (Ecole des Beaux Arts). A la demand of the students, we are very happy to have been able to write the preface of the book which will be published by the Fabrique des Arts. Nous publions ici leurs œuvres car cette superbe initiative reflète la foisonnante créativité des jeunes pour résoudre le problème de la pollution plastic. We are in good hands! cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ At SeaPlastics, we love it!

By Loane, Emma, Océane, Anna, Lilou, Alicia, Lukas B, Alice, Ethan, Gaël, July, Luna, Lylia M, Lylia A, Lukas F, Clément, Romane, Lucas P, Hugo, Zoé.



Before the ocean was clean, unpolluted
and today ...
Our adventure begins on a beach where two children
are playing. Suddenly they find that there are a lot of
trash around them. With their grandparents, they try
to find solutions to this situation which worries them

Before the ocean was clean, unpolluted
and today ...
We drew the pollution of the sea.
Why was a book made on the subject of pollution?
Because we want it to stop.

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