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"Cetacean! The ocean drinks the cup"

The educational notebook of Fabrice Amedeo and his partners

"I had to commit to a cause that is beyond me"

Fabrice Amedeo, journalist and great navigator, has been the sponsor of the association since 2021. Like us, his desire to preserve the ocean pushed him to put his boat at the service of science, and raise awareness among the general public. In particular, he has equipped his boat with oceanographic sensors and a collector to continuously collect microplastics!

The results of his study conducted with Ifremer, the University of Bordeaux and the IRD were published at the beginning of 2022.


In 2020, he created the notebook "Cetaceous! the Ocean drinks the cup" which raises awareness among children from CM1 to 5th about the preservation and beauty of the Ocean. This project, in partnership with National Education and the Fondation de la Mer, is a “resource tool” for teachers and parents. He reissued it for us in 2022 to share with the classes we visit during the expedition. 

We have already distributed more than 1000 notebooks in 2 months! These notebooks are a good complement to our interventions in class.

Thanks Fabrice!


The notebook is also downloadable in pdf

To find out more about Fabrice Amedeo's educational project, you can also consult his website. 

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