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DEAR teachers,

Every Friday, we offer you to send you by email a short video, of less than 2 minutes, telling your students a little moment of our expedition. Do not hesitate to consult the "Pedagogy" tab which is dedicated to you. 

On the program, we intend to talk about pollution in the Mediterranean, our expedition, life on board, the science we carry out, awareness raising, etc. 

These videos will be sent until the end of the 2021 school year.

To receive this little newsletter directly by email, send us an email hereAttention, do not forget to specify the email address on which you wish to receive the videos.

These videos are aimed at a primary school audience.

You can find below the videos that have already been sent to registered classes. Attention, to download the videos, please go to the site via a computer, and not via a smartphone. 

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-14 at

No. 1: Presentation of SEA Plastics

A short video introducing the members of SEA Plastics.


No. 2: Navigation

Some images of navigation on the Mediterranean.


N°3: Presentation of the Hypathia buoy

How to make a scientific sample that shows all the characteristics of the place of the sample?

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-14 at

No. 4: Micro and nanoplastics

The enemies of SEA Plastics: micro and nanoplastics. But in fact, what is it?

sensi 5.jfif

No. 5: The plastic-free life: shopping

Living without plastic takes effort! We present you with a first idea: do your shopping in bulk.

sensi 4.jfif

No. 6: The sampling of microplastics

The sampling of microplastics is carried out using the manta net. Find out with us how it goes!

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-17 at

No. 7: The water cycle

Follow the path taken by plastics to reach the seas and oceans.


N°8: The closing net

How are microplastics collected from the bottom of the water?


No. 9: Nanoplastics

Find out how nanoplastics are harvested!


N°10: Life on board

Discover a day at SEA Plastics!

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