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#FridayScience 9

Tous on Fridays, we popularize one or more studies on microplastics in the Mediterranean.

The accumulation of plastics in subtropical gyres 

What is an ocean gyre?

Plastic pollution is the dominant type of ubiquitous anthropogenic debris in the marine environment (Barnes et al., 2009; Derraik, 2002; Gregory and Ryan, 1997)
Floating plastic fragments have been reported in northern hemisphere subtropical gyres since the early 1970s in the North Atlantic (Carpenter and Smith, 1972; Colton et al., 1974; Law et al., 2010), and in the North Pacific (Day et al., 1990; Moore et al., 2001; Hidalgo-Ruz et al., 2012).
There are few data describing plastic pollution in southern hemisphere subtropical gyres (Morris, 1980; Thiel et al., 2003), although 81% of the land surface south of the equator is water. of sea.
Plastic pollution, from both marine and terrestrial sources, migrates into subtropical gyres (Maximenko et al., 2012; Lebreton et al., 2012) where it forms zones of microplastic particle accumulation distinct from the surrounding relatively pollution-free waters plastic.

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