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Icone de mouette



Filet fermant WP2 remontée sur le pont du voilier suite à un échantillonnage pour évaluer la pollution plastique en mer Méditerranée

During the SEA Plastics 2017 expedition, 14 sampling stations are selected along the French coast.

These samples have  the objective  of proving the effectiveness  of the protocol for using the closing net for micro-plastics. This study method  is completely new to quantify micro-plastic.


With the validation of this protocol, the samples taken show the presence of micro plastic particles in the water column between 100 and 50 meters. Until now, this presence had never been highlighted.

Icone de filet fermant
Icone de sac en plastique
Icone de brosse à dent en bois
Icone de rasoir
Icone de couverts
Icone de boutelle plastique

A scientific article named "Micro-plastics abundance and characterization in the water column along the French Mediterranean coast" is under review for publication in  The Marine Pollution Bulletin .

Icone d'emballage plastique
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