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MAY 2021

May 31: awareness

May the thirty first: awareness

Yachting Santa Margherita harbor club bar

May 31 afternoon/ May the thirty first on the afternoon

May 21: awareness

May the twenty first: awareness

Vulcano - Basketball Club

May 21 afternoon/ May the twenty first on the afternoon

May 19: awareness and beach collection 

May the nineteenth: awareness, beach pickup

Port of Capo d'Orlando

May 19 afternoon/ May the nineteenth on the afternoon

May 15: awareness half-day, beach pick-up and conference

May the fifteenth: awareness, beach pickup, conference

San Vito Lo Capo (San Vito Lo Carpo Beach)

May 15 afternoon/ May the fifteenth on the afternoon

May 10: wearing awareness

May the tenth: awareness stand at the harbor

Port of Cala Figuera/ Cala Figuera harbor

10 mai au matin / May the tenth on the morning

May 10: Facebook live on microplastic pollution

May the tenth: awareness stand at the harbor

May 10 in the morning/ May the tenth  on the morning

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