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Friday Science is an initiative aimed at popularizing   regular scientific articles  on microplastic pollution   in the Mediterranean.


Several themes are covered, ranging from the impact of micro-plastics on marine fauna and flora to new innovative initiatives invented to facilitate sampling and multiply data.

You can find them here:

#Friday science 1

Comapraison de l'accumulation en microplastique de 2 organismes filtreurs, le requin pèlerin et la rorqual commun

Comparative analysis of the accumulation of microplastics by 2 filter-feeding organisms

#Friday science 2

Carte de la pollution microplastique en Méditerranée occidentale

Compilation of pollution data microplastics in the Western Mediterranean in an interactive map

#Friday science 3

Le paddle trawl, un concept innovant pour étudier la pollution plastique avec une planche de paddle surf

A new inexpensive and eco-responsible approach to study microplastic pollution in paddle surf 

#Friday science 4

Carte du courant nord méditerranéen et son influence sur la répartition de  la pollution plastique

What influence of the North Mediterranean current in the distribution of microplastics?

#Friday science 5

What is the annual production of plastic in the world?

Production globale plastique.png

#Friday science 6

What are the effects of marine microplastic pollution on human health? 

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