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Logbook of the crew 2019

baleine bleue.png

Taking advantage of a calm day, we set off off Genoa to try out the scientific protocols developed with UMR Marbec and CNES for the first time. To reach the area we wanted, we had to cross a sea filled with pieces of wood, velles and other unidentified species including a lot of plastic...

The tests went very well except with the closing net, with which we had handling problems leading to the ordering of a new part. Sampling must therefore be temporarily suspended. For the other protocols, the videos opposite produced by Julie detail the protocols.

1st scientific trials

Bouée Hypatia - Gênes - 2019.04.06 (2).j
Rinçage de l'échantillon de microplastique et passage au tamis
Préparation du filet Mant pour échantillonner les microplastiques en surface
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